About us

Company Pršut Voštane d.o.o. is the producer, seller and distributor of cured meat products since 1997. It is owned by the family Babić. It is employing two generations of members of family Babić. The company initial yearly output of 50 tons of prosciutto, in the last few years has reached the output 1400 tons of this delicacy a year. Professional employees are steering production through all segments, making the idea of an autochthonous product come true. Production of the prosciutto in Dalmatia dates back to the time of Ancient Rome. Rome´s legionaries spread the skills of pork processing and storage through the European continent. Since that time, prosciutto production knowledge has passed down from generation to generation, and eventually developed a procedure that is specific to the region of Dalmatia. That same knowledge company Pršut Voštane nurtures in production of it's own products, blending traditional and autochthonous values with modern technology.

Pršut Voštane also owns International Food Standard (IFS) certification, an internationally accepted standard for auditing food retail brands, founded by the German and French retail chains. The IFS today is the basic and most common standard for the assessment of food suppliers.


Apart from top quality of our products, our customers are guaranteed health safety of products, which are created in accordance with HAACP standard.

Customer needs and satisfaction with our product are the most important values we use to measure and determine our overall success. Our products are a combination of traditional values and dedicated work of each employee.

Employes satisfaction is the basis on which company Pršut Voštane was founded. The continual implementation of this policy is the most important means of reaching his own bunnies objectives.

The market has also recognised the blend of tradition and contemporary spirit as a basis of a good product, so the company has been recoding a constant growth of its production and sales. The goal is to preserve tradition but also to present it in a modern way, as well as to make it more accessible to broad public.