Production process

Company Pršut Voštane is conducting its production at two locations, in primary facility Voštane and facility Čaporice, located in the Čaporice industrial zone near Trilj.

Voštane production plant

The primary production plant is located at the foot of the Mount Kamešnica at 970m above sea level, where severe northern wind locally called bora never ceases to blow, the village of Voštane is the home of the excellent Dalmatian delicacies. Thanks to the smoke from the hornbeam tree gathered around micro location in Voštane, all our products have a particular aroma and taste typical of that location.

The location has been selected because of its remarkable natural conditions (cold and dry winters, fresh and warm summers), which provide an ideal air temperature and relative humidity in the production plant during the entire process of drying, smoking and maturing. It is characterised by the continuous interchange of cold and dry bora wind blowing from Mount Kamešnica and bringing air enriched with aromas, pollen and different aerosols from mountain herbs, and the sirocco wind bringing sea air. That is the origin of marvellous conditions for the production of autochthonous Dalmatian delicacies: prosciutto,pancetta, smoked pork neck and smoked loin.

Čaporice production plant

The Čaporice production plant, located in the Čaporice industrial zone near Trilj, was built in 2012.

The plant has been designed to consist of two separate phases. „The wet facility“ is where the initial part of cured meat production happens. The process starts by introducing fresh raw material while controlling basic values such as pH and temperature. The whole process occurs in a continuous cold conditions . Fresh pork meat is then manually or machine salted, after which it is pressed.

The dry part represents a classic confectioning of a final product such as slicing, vacuum-packing, weighing, packing, storage and distribution of ready-made products.