Story about Voštane

Village Voštane is located 970 meters above sea level on the plateau on the southern hillside of mountain Kamešnica in the eastern part of the region of Sinj. Geographical, geomorphological and climatic conditions of the wider Dinaric areas, to which mountain Kamešnica belongs, determined the way of life of Voštane residents in history. The cultural landscape of Voštane developed in interaction with the natural structure of the region. In such conditions in the mountain village, life of its population was very harsh, but man as a guardian and an heir of that parts adapted to the worst. This beauty and true call of nature has developed and preserved the community of village Voštane. This an unusual rivalry between people and harsh nature, created a special trace that can be revealed by each and every visitor. Each micro location is a kind of monument of a society functioning in the harsh conditions of nature. The same harshness symbolized by the relentless working on wind, rain, snow and the sun is matched only by untouched beauty.

Today, near the same village of Voštane, far away from urban life our production facility is situated. Here the company Pršut Voštane is utilizing the same harsh condition to produce premium donation cure meat delicacy. Amid the constant change of dry north wind, locally called bura, rich with a clean aerosol of mountain herbs and moisture south wind locally called jugo, the famous Dalmatian products are created. Our products have singular taste and smell typical to the micro location of Voštane.